What is Totem ?

Tired of browsing all the social platforms to figure out why your coins are pumping or dumping ?
Here comes Totem : the only app that allows you to find all the news about your portfolio within a click.
All the posts from social medias of your favorites coins in the same mobile app.
Get the latest updates in real time so you can “buy the rumors and sell the news”.

Save your precious time

Without Totem you are just switching from app to app to find what you want to know about your favorite coins

How do you suppose to focus on cryptocurrency  when you keep being disturbed by meaningless posts ?

One app to rule them all

With Totem you will get all the news about coins you are interested in from Twitter, Reddit and Medium in the same feed and in REAL TIME.
You don’t need to panic anymore when seeing a coin skyrocketing and wondering if it is a pump and dump or not.
You will find all the news to justify the price movement and avoid the Fear Of Missing Out or panic selling.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

All you have to do is to add the coins you want to follow from the huge list of cryptocurrency.
You can select all the coins you want and get the latest update so you can buy the rumors and sell the news.
Dont miss the opportunity to make money even in this bear market.

Download Totem App Now!

This is a beta version so please don’t throw stones at us because you found some bugs. Actually you can do it if we don’t fix them quickly enough.

Google Play

Beta available now !

Apple Store

Beta  available soon…

Desktop version

You can also install it on your desktop easily with an android emulator.

Get In Touch With Us

We are still in Beta and we appreciate your feedback and patience.